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Last Day at IFS – 30th December 2009

Posted on: December 30, 2009


Today is the last day in our training at Industrial and Financial Systems (pvt) Ltd, simply called IFS. The Sri Lanka branch is located in Galle Rd, Colombo 6.

Myself, Panduka(Olma), Sampath(Doca) had our Industrial Training which is a part of our degree program.

We learnt a lot from them. Technical stuff and other stuff such as how to work in the industry and how to do a project in the industrial environment and lot more.

We did a project based on Web Services. It was an integration between IFS/Project and Primavera 5.0. Actually we couldn’t finish the project. We did a part of it and may be next interns will continue from there. Good luck to them 🙂

It’s a very friendly environment. Anyone would’ve loved to work there. We had a great time there. It was filled with joy, happiness. And loads of fun. Although I’m thrilled to go back to the faculty, there is a small grief inside me to leave IFS.

I would like to thank all the IFS guys, you are the ones who made us stay there with fun.

First of all I should thank Pubudu, Mangala and Ranil who interviewed us. We got that chance because of you. I’m really grateful for that.

And many thankx to all the guys in the training department, Nalin ayya, Roger ayya, Isuru ayya, Ranga ayya and specially Ruchitha ayya who was our supervisor. Many thankx to them.

And also I have to thank all the interns there. USCS guys, Colombo guys, Kalaniya guys, Mora IT guys and SLITT guys. We had a lot of fun together and I wish you all the very best…!!!

And finally thank you IFS for giving us a such a great time… and good luck to you…!!!


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